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National water supply       advantageThe choice of the reputation of electrical                       appliances Six reasons6

1Strong production strength

We focus on the R & D, design, production, sales and maintenance of non tower water supply equipment.Its own modern management workshop, the optimization of processing technology, perfect management processes, fast delivery for customers.

2Environmental protection without pollution

Non tower water supply equipment adopts advanced welding technology, inner wall anticorrosion, environmental protection, no pollution。

5Ensure on-time delivery

7X24 hours service system, the company has an independent division, coordination and coordination of departments,Fully meet the requirements of customers short delivery, any problems first time for you to solve, to protect customer interests。

6Super first-class performance price ratio

There are production processes are completed in their own workshops, refused to outsource two times, the source of direct supply, without agent, without any intermediate channels, to avoid excess circulation costs, more than 30% cost savings, to the greatest extent conducive to customers

3Excellent processing and testing equipment

Follow the international quality management system, with advanced processing and testing settings, fully equipped, processing equipment up to ten units, for non tower water supply equipment for long-term use escort。

4Many customers and excellent beer

And long-term cooperation with well-known enterprises, customers have been well received, the national security is your choice of confidence。

about usCompany strength

Kaifeng Guoan water supply equipment Co., Ltd. (Kaifeng pressure vessel factory was built in 1956). Covers an area of 47 thousand square meters. Assets of RMB 12 million 420 thousand yuan. Without his water supply equipment in 1977 successfully developed in our factory. Domestic initiative. By the State Trademark Office registered as "whale whale brand" trademark. With the Henan Provincial Bureau of technical supervision of the BR2 class pressure vessel manufacturing license, and the Provincial Public Security Bureau Fire Department approach to the fire tower water supply equipment production license". It is the largest manufacturer of water supply equipment without tower in china. Is an advanced enterprise in Henan Province.......


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